• Clean Energy to Generate Innovative New Economic Systems

    An NSF Engines Development Award (Type I)

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From power generation giants to advanced research centers and universities to the world-class manufacturers who ALL call our region home, the Carolinas have long served as a leading international hub of innovation for the power and energy industry.

As a new era dawns where demand for power and energy grows by the day, new technologies and systems must be developed to meet these needs, as well as the workforce to make them a reality. And what better place for those technologies and systems to be born than right here in the Carolinas.

As a recipient of a Type I NSF Engine Development Award (“Advancing Clean Energy Technologies in the Piedmont Region to Generate Innovative New Economic Systems (NC, SC)”, Award Number 2304047), our goal is to write the next chapter in the region’s innovation history by maturing the ecosystem focused on clean energy resource technologies by leveraging the creativity, research and development expertise and infrastructure, and the professional networks throughout the Carolinas to help meet the challenges of a net-carbon-neutral electric grid by 2050.

Some of the technologies that we will be focusing on are offshore wind, solar, clean hydrogen, marine energy, and the electric-energy delivery and storage systems that support their integration with the grid, just to name a few.


Thriving Innovation-Based Clean Energy Ecosystem

Well-Paying, Family-Supporting Jobs

Translating Innovative Research Into Real-World Products

Developing Tomorrow's Workforce Today


Projects like this do not take place in a vacuum. They require a dedicated group of partners from a wide range of industries, and we are excited to have the organizations featured below on our team. If you are interested in learning more about this project and how you can join our team, click here!